Not enough pain

I shared the bottom half of this post just before Christmas last year. It ties in well with what we’re all experiencing at the moment.

Perhaps you’re eating too much during lockdown, or not exercising as much as you could (should) be.

Sometimes we aren’t hurting enough in order to make a change. We’re too comfortable and set in our ways and therefore aren’t willing enough to make positive changes in our life.

How bad does it have to get before you decide to stop eating that extra bar of chocolate, or decide to watch tv for another hour as opposed to going for a walk? How long before you decide it’s time to make a change to your lifestyle?

“Healthy body, healthy mind.”

I had this whilst playing football full-time. I knew I needed to be doing more and was aware that I needed to be doing more gym work and more training in order to better myself. But I wasn’t doing badly enough on the football pitch in order to make these changes. I wasn’t being pushed of the ball enough to make me get to training early and improve on my physical strength.  I didn’t make these changes to my daily routine – I was too comfortable.

The same thing applies when we’re struggling mentally. We are aware that we’re down, anxious and maybe slightly depressed. But these problems aren’t impacting our lives badly enough for us to go and get help. They’re not preventing us from going to work and going about life as normal.

I didn’t start looking for ways to improve my mental health until I reached what felt like rock bottom and didn’t want to get out of bed to face the day. I constantly brushed off the negative thoughts until it got to the point where I wasn’t happy with any aspect of my life and would often break down emotionally.

Don’t let yourself get to breaking point.

If something isn’t right, look to fix or improve that situation. It’s not going to get any better whilst parked in your mind and will gradually eat away at you. Whether that’s seeking help from a professional, or even taking it upon yourself to read up on ways to improve and become more positive.

Make an effort to keep get healthy. Your mind will thank you for it. Make small changes to improve your life and reap the rewards of doing so. Aim to be the best version of yourself, no one is going to put the work in for you.

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